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  • App Solutions

    Customer Sales Reporting Apps

    Customers require data to be easily read and interpreted.

    But where is the time?

    get our customized app for your quick analysis and decision making.

    Look like a superstar with no effort.

    ( Nobody needs to know your secret!👌)

  • App Solutions

    Personal Sales Reporting App.


    Are you a Sales professional and you would love your weekly sales report as an App on your mobile device.

    Follow these instructions carefully.

    1. Pay on the website.
    2. Upload / Email your data in (EXCEL) Table form to
    3. State the Key Elements you would like reported ( 4 KPIs’Only)
      1. Weekly Sales
      2. MTD
      3. Sales vs targets ( These are just guidelines)

    24 …

  • Consulting

    Sales Job Interview Coach

    Would you require a one on one Coaching for your next Sales Job Interview?

    you would want more understanding on what Senior Sales Managers look out for during the hiring process?

    You want to change Industries, and you would want insights into the Markets?

    We have a Sales Coach for you.

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  • Resume Handling

    Expatriate: Post your Resume.


    Are you interested in being an Expatriate in any African Country?


    Are you a foreigner whom would like to be an Expatriate in Nigeria?

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    (Sales background Professionals only)

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  • Consulting

    “Doing Business In Nigeria” Guide.

    Terms and Conditions will apply.

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  • Consulting

    SME Sales Solutions.

    Contact us, we could help increase your revenue.

  • Consulting

    Hire a Sales Pro

    Are you a National Sales Manager and you need a strong striker?





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    Senior Membership.

    Are you a Sales Professional with 10 years experience?.

    Have you worked in more than 2 Places?

    You qualify for Senior Membership.

    You become Our “Sales Consultants” for clients at a fee set by you.

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