How to Succeed in a New Sales Territory in 30 Days.

How to Succeed in a New Sales Territory in 30 Days.

You have received the letter.

You have been posted to the Territory/Area/Region/Country and the first question that hits you is “How do I succeed?”

Whatever the circumstances of your transfer, Positive or Negative the fact remains that you have a new terrain.

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Steps for first 30 days

  1. Acknowledge: Celebrate or Rant, anyone that fits into the picture of the transfer/ or new posting. Get it done with. you can not afford yourself too much time on this step.
  2. Assess:  What are you inheriting in this new territory?, who are the team members? who are the customers? who are your strong links? and who are the weakest links, do not listen to gossip and do not form your impressions of people based on hear say, weak links may turn into your key strong holds. Never make the mistake of assuming you know it all, watch closely and carefully.
  3. Develop Strategy: Based on your initial impression quickly develop a strategy, this strategy is a guide, first impressions can guide you accordingly in assuming roles to your team/customers.
  4. Execute: Execute this initial strategy with no fear behind your mind, remember this strategy is based on feedback you processed during your initiation into the territory, you can never see it all during the first few days, the lapses during the execution enables you to understand what is really wrong, what or who needs to be adjusted accordingly, remember not to be emotional, as it is your job to rearrange the troops/ resources to give maximum ROI.

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  5. Reassess and Re-strategic: Go through you first few days and initial strategy/execution, fix whatever is not working, you have nothing to loose, remember to keep your ego in check.
  6. Execute New strategy:  Start to kick Butt! 🙂

Sales is simply common sense.

Good luck and please share your experiences on the field.


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